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A Long Time Ago:

This is downtown Chillicothe, Missouri, right at the turn of the century. Pictured here is our building, second from the right. At the time it was a clothing store by the name of Hartman’s. If these walls could talk, they would have a long story to tell.

old lauhoff
ken and brenda picture


Our story begins here, with Ken and Brenda Lauhoff. In the 70’s, they were already in the business of looking good. Ken owned his own barber shop, and Brenda was a beautician. Ken heard that a local family jeweler, the Hamners, were selling their store on the square. With a spirit of adventure, they embarked on a new journey in the business of beauty. Lauhoff Jewelry was established!


The decades flew by. This photo was taken at Christmas time, shortly before Darren Lauhoff would join his parents’ business. For many families, the Lauhoffs were there for every special occasion. From bridal registries to baby showers, or a couple’s first Valentine’s gifts all the way to their wedding sets.

Ken maintained his barber shop and helped Brenda in the store, and when the barber shop closed, he worked as Chillicothe’s Eastern District County Commissioner.

lauhoff building


(From left to right: Kim, Danessa, Darren, and Angie)

Ken and Brenda retired in 2010, leaving Darren and his wife Angie at the helm. They worked to modernize the store, even organizing a total remodel in 2012. New look, new faces, new showcases, but the same dedication to our customers that Ken and Brenda had.

old lauhoff


Now our team consists of Darren and Angie, along with their youngest, Liv. (Three generations of Lauhoffs!) Next is Debbie, who has been with us for over 20 years, and our newest addition, Janelle. Tried and true or fresh-faced, our team is proud to carry on the reputation Ken and Brenda built.

Lauhoff Jewelry is nearing its 50th anniversary! As any business on the Square would tell you, the string that has tied our story together is our community. Thank you for being a part of our family; we wouldn’t be here without you.